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Carlingford – King John’s Castle

Also known as Carlingford Castle, King John’s Castle dates back to the late 12th century and is located in Carlingford town’s harbour, halfway along the south coast of Carlingford Lough in County Louth.

Built by the Norman knight Hugh de Lacy, this fortress steeped in ancient history offers stunning views across the Lough towards the Mourne Mountains and legend has it that King John, Lord of Ireland, stayed here for three days in 1210 AD.

The castle itself is a D-shaped enclosure castle. The curtain wall at the western side had a rectangular gate house and a square flanking tower and the south west. Portions of the northern tower of this gate house still remain.

The curtain wall is well provided with deep embrasures with narrow defensive slits. A large rectangular hall is in the east wing: this hall had two main floors over a basement.

At present, King John’s Castle is not used for any type of tours due to the danger of falling masonry in the castle’s interior. However, anyone can walk around it at any time and consume the lush atmosphere.

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