Winter Solstice Experience 2019

The word Solstice means “sun standing still” or “grian-stad” in Irish. It marks the suns furthest position from us during winter, hence it is the shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice is significant in our lives because it represents a “rebirth and renewal” of energies both for us and for nature. It is a time when we can consciously give birth to our dreams and intentions for the year ahead. A time to make clear what it is we want to manifest and create in this world…..and what we want to let go of also.

Ancient cultures celebrated the Solstices to bring themselves into alignment with these natural cycles of nature. They would have considered it foolish to ignore these important times as it would mean being out of tune with the rhythms of the universe, the world and our bodies.

By celebrating the Winter Solstice consciously we bring ourselves into alignment with the great mystery of the universe and in doing so we invite health, well-being and abundance into our lives.

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